Best Cough Drops

A cough is a very irritating condition that people often face when they catch a cold. This can also happen when people have some kind of irritation in their throats and need something that can provide comfort and relief from this symptom. One of the Best Cough Drops is the use of pure honey that is able to provide a great deal of relief. The qualities of honey are that it is sweet & sticky and these two, together are greatly able to reduce the itchiness in their throat when people have bouts of cough. What produces this unique quality in honey is the presence of hydrogen peroxide, which provides a soothing effect in the throat of a person. The hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient that is introduced by the bees in the form of an enzyme to nectar collected from flowers. It is the introduction of this enzyme which creates the hydrogen peroxide in honey and makes for a soothing quality in case of coughs. The darker colour honey is even more effective than the lighter coloured one, because it has a higher presence of antioxidants. If you’re in discomfort with a throat condition, remember the best cough drop is the easily available honey.

Best Cough DropsNature has the perfect remedy

Honey is one of the great gifts of nature we can derive and have with absolute safety not just in times of cough, but as an important part of the human diet, only the right amount is considered safe. For an adult human taking around 2 spoons a day is god enough and very beneficial. For a younger person half the dose is perfectly OK, however for very small children it is better not given to them. True, there are many OTC remedies for coughs, but the Best Cough Drops is honey, as it is natural, easily available and fairly cheap.

Often when we have bouts of coughing, we reach for a medicine that is commercially available and think of that as a quick remedy. Nevertheless there are situations when a coughing bout happens without warning and at an odd time. In case you’re unable to go out about buy cough drops, what do you do then? If there is no option to go out and buy something to soothe your throat and decrease your cough the best means is to do something about it with whatever is available at home. When we are talking about home, we refer here to easy homemade remedies that are equally effective in any coughing bouts and trusted by many the world over. It is a good idea to read this article a few times, so that some of the easy home remedy tips remain in your mind , and should you have a coughing bout, you will recollect easily what has been said here.

Home remedies are simply a great option

If you are faced with a case of bad colds or have coughing bouts suddenly , make sure to keep a ready collection of some of the things that will discussed ahead to provide you with an easily made cough remedy at home. Some of the herbs have great healing properties and ability to give you wonderful relief from coughs. Some of these many herbs that have proven medicinal qualities have been use for many thousands of years and continue to provide relief to people all over. Some of these remedies that you can make at home bring better relief than some of the many cough drops and other things available from the medicine stores. One of the simplest methods is making of herbal tea that will greatly soothe your throat and give you relief from coughs.

You can make an herbal tea that comprises a few readily available things in the kitchen. Take the following ingredients and put it in a cup full of water and heat in a container till it comes to a boil and then strain it and have it while its hot, sipping slowly. The ingredients are some bay leaves, a few small slices of ginger, a wee bit of black pepper powder. When this has been brought to a boil, turn the heat off and let it sit for a few minutes. Then strain the liquid to a cup, add a spoon of honey and sip gently. The first sip itself will bring you a great relief. This is an age old recipe for cough relief used in Asia and many other places of the world.